6 Amazing things About Cross Country.

With a little help from my team, we came up with more than 6 great things about cross country!  Now if I was actually listing everything then I would have about 46 things. Yeah. That would be a lot. So instead, I’m listing 6.

Number One: Out of everything this was said the most. Friends and I agree with them. We all opened up to each other, by like the third practice we were all together 24/7 we could run together, talk, laugh, cry together (yes I’m serious) together just in this season.  Number Two: Teamwork. The way we worked together as a team was unbelievable, we had goals set every race. The goals were, what specific team we had to try to beat, who to pass, our times. We would all hype each other up, it was a very positive atmosphere.

Number 3: The Improvements, this was mentioned by most of our team. When it got closer to the end of the season we all had a new personal record. And we were all 100 times better. Practice-paid off I guess.  Number 4: You will be surprised about this one but Messing around is one great thing about cross country. We could run wherever we wanted around the school. On recovery days we all would run together and goof off together when running.

Number 5: Socializing or Inside Jokes. During practices, before practices, on the bus, and even before races we would all get together and talk about how our school day went and what happened, or some talked about old memories. And during all the talking we would make inside jokes out of what we talked about and what went on around us. This one day a girl brought milk in a bag.  We made so many funny, amazing memories.  Number 6: The best part about cross country The shirts, medals (ribbons), and trophies that you get. Every race they have a stand where you can buy your own t-shirt or sweatshirt from the race you ran! Top 15/20/25 would get medals and ribbons! Then unlike most middle school or high school sports, you get giant trophies if your team does very well!

And that’s 6 great things about cross country. So are you thinking of running now? I found this picture on Unsplash!