Where would I go in the world?

If I got to chose one place to travel to and stay for two weeks I would go to Greece.  I have already been to japan so could I try to mark Greece off the list? There are so many fascinating things about Greece. A couple of great reasons to fly to Greece would be to visit their culture, eat their food, see breathtaking sights.Image result for greece  For some odd reason I have always been drawn to Greece, just seeing pictures makes me want to visit there so badly. Also their food- nobody really ever talks about their food, it looks immaculate. It all looks so fresh and colorful and bright, that is what brings beauty into a dish. Then last but not least, the architecture in Greece is very diverse and pretty. Living in Greece would be crazy.  Now if I had to choose somewhere to go in the whole world, I would definitely choose Greece and those are my reasons why.   🙂

Personal Goals

I have some goals for myself so I thought I could share them. So, If you didn’t know already I am a cross country runner, and I also do the long distances in track too. While racing on the team I was the third and second girl and in my best race in total, I got second place. One of my biggest goals is to (in the seventh grade) break into the five-minute mile, yes I’m trying to get a five-minute mile. I really want to try to push myself to get faster and stronger.

          Another goal is, for cross country is to get the record for the first girl in the two miles. So I have to beat the time of 12:42, my fastest time this year was 13:49 on one of the hardest courses, and I’m only a seventh-grader. I’m only 1 minute and 7 seconds away. Oh, I also am trying to get together a cross country team, we had a whole team this year only because there were five eighth-graders and only two seventh-graders… But the eighth graders are going into high school so they won’t be on our middle school team. I am working hard to recruit others in the school to build up our team.


I’m going to list some other smaller goals,

  • I really want to start and produce a successful business I really want to be a chef who makes top of the line tacos and smoothies to try to make money for my trip… Down below
  • I would also really like to get a pet lizard soon.

       A goal for me is to try to go to 40 states (or at least 35). I have been to 33 states in total and also out of the U.S. I went to Japan! I haven’t been to a few western/midwestern states, but my family is planning some trips. I want to go back to Japan again… So I guess, another goal is to raise 1500 dollars to afford a plane ticket! That’s a lot but I’m already halfway there!  Did you know the picture that I used was from Unsplash?   It’s a photo website with a whole bunch of free pictures from different people who create them. I picked a running photo because I thought it went well with the theme of the first paragraph.  Now that I listed some goals I want to try to reach them! Wish me luck!