Where would I go in the world?

If I got to chose one place to travel to and stay for two weeks I would go to Greece.  I have already been to japan so could I try to mark Greece off the list? There are so many fascinating things about Greece. A couple of great reasons to fly to Greece would be to visit their culture, eat their food, see breathtaking sights.Image result for greece  For some odd reason I have always been drawn to Greece, just seeing pictures makes me want to visit there so badly. Also their food- nobody really ever talks about their food, it looks immaculate. It all looks so fresh and colorful and bright, that is what brings beauty into a dish. Then last but not least, the architecture in Greece is very diverse and pretty. Living in Greece would be crazy.  Now if I had to choose somewhere to go in the whole world, I would definitely choose Greece and those are my reasons why.   🙂