What I do when its a snow day…

We got about 8 inches of snow in our yard! That’s a lot. My brother and I were outside playing out in the yard with our dog Laddie then we got an idea. To have an ultimate snowball fight with our own two forts. So we did and it and it went well (I think) but I did write about our comparisons and differences in our forts. Here are some things I had in my fort. My fort was a lot taller and larger than my little brother’s fort, it had pre-made snowballs and two miniature snowmen that you had to knock down to enable you to win. In my fort I also had a platform I could stand on. Unlike my fort, my little brother had a trench so he could jump down and hide behind it when I was about to attack. He did not have pre-made snowballs like I did but what he did have was a sled that he could use for multiple purposes, like hiding under, he could slide down the hill and attack me, or he could also use it to store extra snow in it so he could grab a wad of snow and make it into a snowball really fast.  Me and my brother also had some similarities to our forts. We both had something we could hide behind, we both had tools we could use to build our forts with, and we also had secret hiding spots too. That is what me and my brother did outside in the snow today. Both of our forts had different components to it and some of the same.  

I actually took this picture of us while we were having a  snowball fight!

Harris and Me Reflection.

Harris and Me was a read-aloud that we read in class, and when we finished it we got to do a reflection about it! And also SPOILERS IF YOU WERE PLANNING ON READING THE BOOK!!!!! Enjoy!

Ten Tricky Would you Rather Questions

Today I am going to ask you 10 would you rather questions. And you have to answer them. Feel free to comment and tell me what you chose!

#1- Would you rather… Travel 10 years in the past or 100 years in the future.

#2- Would you rather be an only child or the middle child

#3-  Would you… Eat a worm or a live cricket

#4- Would you rather, never go to school again? Or don’t attend college.

#5- Would you either have a dog or a cat…

#6-Would you live in a different country or a different state?

#7- Would you rather eat your favorite food every day for a year or eat your least favorite food every once a week?

#8- Would you rather own your own blog or youtube channel?

#9- Would you rather have to wear glasses or contacts?

#10- And last but not least… Would you rather be the most famous well-known person in the world? or be the most successful millionaire?

What did you pick for the ten would you rather questions? How hard was it for you to decide? For number 1 I think I would chose to live ten years in the past. I made the Picture in Canva!




My Amazing Avatar!

This is my Avatar that represents me, Vera!  I have natural blonde hair, greenish bluish, greyish eyes with hazel/brown freckles in my literal eyes. I’m not very tall but not very short either…..